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Cambridge Street Metal craftsmen fabricate high end custom Dormers , both standard and decorative. Adhering to exacting standards our louvered dormers will allow heat to escape from attics and our windowed dormers allow natural light in. We offer a variety of sizes and when your dormers arrive they are ready to set into place.
Cambridge Street Metal’s conductor heads enhance your gutter system by providing for overflow protection from water and ice and helps capture storm water runoff. They are a great way to add an architectural touch to your gutter system.

Cambridge Street is proud to offer a full line of customized dormers to meet your architectural need

Conductor Heads


Conductor Heads



In addition we can add lightning protection inside the base. Our Spires/Finials are not only elegant but can protect your home from lightning strikes.

Cambridge Street Metal’s Cupolas are hand crafted to add a crowning touch to your project.

Our Cupolas are engineered to withstand high winds and weather conditions.

We have a design team ready to aid and assist you in your project goals.

Cambridge Street Metal Spires/Finials add the finishing touch to your project with distinctive style. Our Spires are made with hollow bases and can be modified to fit on any roof application.

Our Cupolas are engineered to withstand high winds and weather conditions.

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In business for 88 years, Cambridge Street Metal is a leading distributor of copper, aluminum, galvanized, lead, zinc, brass and more.